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Accommodation expenses are not included in the school fees. Participants are responsible for arranging their own housing.

We recommend convenient room options at the on-campus URJC student's dorm, Residencia José Pérez de Vargas. The arranged fares (VAT included) are:

  • Individual room, including breakfast and dinner:  38,20€ per night.
  • Shared room with another participant, including breakfast and dinner:  32,37€ per night per person. 

For reservations, please contact and state the reason for your stay (e.g., "participation in the XII GEFENOL Summer School ").

There is a broad range of hotels and alternative accommodation options available at varying prices, which can be browsed from your favorite travel portal. For additional inquiries, contact us at


University residence "Jose Perez de Vargas", outdoor canteen, and views from the residence.